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200 sketches tumblr

Hello I'm Soy

I post sketches and occasional finished art..

Mar 20 '14


Mar 17 '14

fionna, newt&wei tang, motorcity 

Jan 29 '14


Jan 21 '14

Anonymous asked:

what program do you use to draw? (if you are comfortable with it, can you tell us what brushes or brush settings you use?) Thanks!! ^^

I use photoshop and default brushes that comes with it.

I made an about page based on many asks I’ve been getting recently.

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Jan 8 '14

I’m sorry but i won’t take requests unless I made a post about it

I’m making a post because I have a few anon request asks and I don’t want to publish them all at once.. thank you for your kind asks tho! I’m happy you like my art!

also thank you and welcome new followers!

Tags: talk